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Duel Masters Mall Tour Fact Sheet


In Spring 2004, Wizards of the Coast, Inc. will be introducing its newest Trading Card Game, Duel Masters, at 15 shopping malls across the nation. The Duel Masters Mall Tour will feature premium giveaways, teaching clinics, tournament, and a Duel Masters history exhibit.

The Duel Masters Mall Tour will be the most imaginative TCG interactive experience ever built, featuring elaborate vignettes of various civilizations with grandiose entry portals, costumed characters, and colorfully artistic murals, creating a truly "life-like" experience of the Duel Masters world.


Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Detroit, Indianapolis, Kansas City, LA/Orange County, Minnesota, New York Metro, Orlando/Tampa, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Francisco/San Jose, and Washington D.C. Metro. (Locations may change without notice)


March 2004 - June 2004
FREE admission.


Designed for non trading card gamers under the age of 15 who are interested and intrigued by the game and wish to be introduced to the Duel Masters TCG world.


This interactive experience is designed to introduce newcomers to the Duel Masters TCG world in a non-traditional, fun and exciting way, expanding the Duel Masters experience.

Each tour stop will encourage Duel Masters card gamers to understand the rules of the game, where new apprentices learn basic skills, while the more advanced players master the tricks of the game.

This is an excellent opportunity for retailers to reward their local TCG community by spreading the word now about this exciting event coming to a mall near you!

FakeCard.com staff will at least be at the San Francisco/San Jose stop. Stick around for more info on when it'll be specifically.


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